Prenatal Care

From the beginning it was clear to Dr. Mercuur that a large group of women would prefer not to give birth in hospital. The need arose because it seemed that women wanted to give birth in their own familiar environment. For that reason MMC decided to respond to that need.

From the start, MMC employed a fully qualified obstetrician / midwife who also works in one of the largest maternity hospitals in Suriname, namely ‘s Lands Hospital and who already has 15 years of experience as a midwife.

When guiding a pregnant woman it is very important to know her medical / obstetric history so that there is a clear picture of her health status. That is very important at MMC and with that information a decision is taken whether or not the patient can give birth in the clinic. MMC is equipped with all the conveniences so that each birth can take place flawlessly.

Child Health Care

In the first four years of a child’s life, it is important but also necessary to take him / her to a child health care center.
During such a consultation, MMC pays attention to the growth, overall development and health of your child. MMC is also authorized to administer vaccinations offered by the Office for Public Healthcare (Bureau voor Openbare Gezondheidszorg -BOG).
As a parent you also receive advice from MMC with regard to nutrition, care and upbringing of your child/children
For more information, go to MMC Kids

Medical Examinations

Companies can also have their employees undergo a medical examination including a drug test at MMC. Doctor Lucy Mercuur has extensive experience in conducting medical examinations for the armed services.

Medical center for collection of blood

MMC also offers the possibility to do laboratory examinations in collaboration with Health Control N.V.
This is very convenient for MMC patients, because immediately after their consultation with the doctor they can go to the medical center for further examination.
In addition, the medical center is accessible to the whole society.